Workplace Wellness Portal

You already have a wellness program defined and a rock star team to get it done, all you need is a platform to support your program. Good Life offers our portal-only subscription plan for organizations that have the resources to create and manage their own wellness programs. The Workplace Wellness Portal has extensive administrative functions that allow you complete control over program content and format.

We have a great solution for business associations and health service brokers looking to resell the portal to member organizations. Contact us for more information.

Because the Workplace Wellness Portal is a subscription model, you get all the benefits without any hassle:

  • No need to install and run applications in their own data centers
  • No expensive hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance
  • Automatic updates and patch management
  • Access the portal from any connected device
The Portal-Only Subscription gives you the power to:
Drive connection to your organization and engagement by branding the program and portal with a unique name and logo.
Improve the wellbeing of everyone who contributes to your culture, including employees, their families, and long-term contract labor.
Define the type and frequency of incentives that fit your organization and budget.
Create ongoing connections with your participants with the Monthly Wellbeing Newsletter.
Encourage & promote engagement through Participant Spotlights and Monitor effectiveness with customizable reports.
Increase connections and community within your organization through Facebook integration.
Network and discuss innovative solutions to common issues at Good Life’s quarterly idea sharing gatherings.
Push through roadblocks with our technical support team.
Portal-Only Subscriptions vary by organization size and number of participants:
Less than 500 employees per portal
More than 500 employees per portal

Wellness Portal Demo (8 mins)

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