Wellness Challenges

Looking for a one-time wellness challenge for some friendly and healthy competition? Wellness programs have a track record of improving employee health behaviors which lead to lower health risks and lower chronic disease. Employees will begin to eat healthier foods, exercise more often, smoke or drink less, click their seat belts more often, etc. Other perks of the program may also ease stress and boost employee morale leading your organization to more success.

Good Life offers stand-alone wellness challenges that focus on a specific topic or goal.

Challenges can be done just within your organization, or with a set of different organizations.

Participants can enter challenge data and immediately see a summary of their current point total and the standings for individuals or teams.

Teams can be created as individuals, departments, organizations, or even as unique teams created by participants.

Challenges can be done once or in a series of challenges.

Participants gain points toward a stated goal, which makes them eligible for your specific incentives awarded at the end of the challenge period.

Results are tracked for individuals and teams.

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