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Hilltop Community Resources is enjoying the fruits of success from implementing the tools provided by Good Life Wellness Solutions. Mike Stahl, CEO says,  “We see improved teamwork, increased productivity and a culture shift where people are working more towards our mission than a paycheck.” Program participation rates went from 46% to 76% during implementation. Hilltop was recognized in 2014 and 2015 on both the state and national level as being one of the “Healthiest Places to Work.

Hilltop’s wellness initiatives have also helped the organization save money through reduced health care and workers’ compensation costs. Their self-insured healthcare costs reduced nearly 7% when the entire industry was rising. the workers compensation premium reduced by 39% in three years.

“This company has done an excellent job helping us establish our wellness program.  I highly recommend Good Life and truly appreciate the positive relationship they have with our organization.” R.H., CEO, Ariel Clinical Services.

“Good Life is making wellness accessible in any industry by offering affordable wellness solutions to small businesses.”  J.H., Colorado Office of Economic Development SBDC

“Good Life established a positive relationship with our organization. They set customer expectations by detailing planned changes and program direction. We are looking forward to a long and healthy relationship.”  Wellness Champions, Holy Cross Energy

“We have worked with several well-known companies. Working with Good Life has been like a breath of fresh air. They provided an affordable solution, and we love that they include clients in designing the program and really listening to our input.” K.S., Feather Petroleum Company

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