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Good Life offers a variety of award-winning workplace wellness services & solutions to meet the needs and budgets of small and midsize organizations. We provide everything from a simple program to a fully-managed, custom-designed, and branded program. The first step is a nocost consultation in which we assess the organization’s needs, goals, and constraints. From there, we offer a specific program design intended to maximize the value on investment for your organization. All solutions include a web portal and program solutions to benefit your organization and your people.



For smaller organizations to start simple and then add services as your programs succeed and grow.


For larger organizations that want the full set of program features and a high degree of customization.


For visionary organizations who want to see aggressive implementation and quicker results.


You already have a wellness program defined and a rock star team to get it done, all you need is a platform to support your plan. The Good Life Workplace Wellness Portal has what you need to engage employees, execute programs and incentives, and manage effectiveness. Built with flexibility in mind, the Workplace Wellness Portal provides complete control over program content and format.


As a broker or wellness provider, you look for ways to enhance existing client services, increase client success, and build loyalty. Good Life Wellness works with a variety of partners to boost revenue and unlock customer value utilizing the Good Life Wellness Portal. The Partner Portal enables your clients to manage all facets of their corporate wellness program and give their employees an engaging tool to keep track of their health.


Business associations offer valuable benefits to their members. Good Life wellness solutions can be an important service offered to your members by providing a sense of wellbeing, community, and common purpose. Retain existing members and attract new members with discounted access to already affordable wellness programs or challenges. Our portal allows social networking and connections between your members, while providing access to information, insights, and training. This allows participants to establish their own relationships, even with a diverse member set.


Looking for a one-time wellness challenge for some friendly and healthy competition? Good Life offers stand-alone wellness challenges that focus on a specific topic or goal. Earn points and become eligible for awards granted at the end of each challenge period. Whether you team up as departments, organizations or individuals, the choice is yours. Results will be calculated as individuals and teams and can be completed once or as a series of challenges.


The best way to reap the rewards of a workplace wellness program is to develop a systems management approach that focuses on workplace culture. Good Life Wellbeing Consultants will meet with you one-on-one or as a team to help guide:

Leadership related to engagement, motivation, values, and culture.

Implementation of the wellness program.

Effectiveness assessments and organizational communication.


Good Life provides intentional leadership training for managers and wellness training for employees and families. We offer dozens of short informational and training sessions to educate and motivate your employees. Training is available in short onsite seminar and live webinar formats. We offer multi-session workshops and individual training or coaching. We cover a wide range of wellbeing topics.

Physical Health

Smoking Cessation

Mental Fitness



Intentional Leadership

And Much More…

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