Wellness Solutions for Business Associations

Associations like yours serve as industry advocates to advance cultural transformations, like life-changing wellbeing for your members and their employees. As a partner, Good Life can help you present a bold vision of the future for your industry and position your association as instrumental to getting there. Our solutions allow your association to become a community around common member values and goals. Our portal allows social networking and connections between your members, while providing access to information, insights, and training. This allows participants to establish their own relationships across a diverse member set.

Adaption is the key to long-term success and visionary associations adopt new approaches to member services. A “product strategy” approach could include new association services like wellbeing programs.  Wellness programs provide immediate connection to other members and enable long-term involvement encouraging members to remain with the association.

The Good Life wellness portal can be white labeled to provide a seamless and comprehensive wellness solution, offered by you. It’s a turnkey solution you can deploy for your client (custom program that you manage) – or hand it off to them to execute themselves (portal option). Offer the service as benefit to your customers, or pass on some or all of the discounted cost.  You decide.


The Custom Program provides an effective and robust wellness program managed by your team. Take advantage of advanced features with a high degree of customization:

  • Unlimited participants.
  • Brand and customize the portal to suit your organization.
  • Decide how to deliver this service.


Standing out with distinction in the marketplace is essential for your success. Our portal will allow your clients to create a fully branded web solution. Business with multiple locations can personalize the experience. You can provide it as a partial fee, or pass on the entire cost. Our customizable portals allow you to provide added value to clients with a cutting-edge solution that increases value on investment by elevating workforce health and camaraderie.

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