Our Story and Mission

What do you get when you bring together a 34-year entrepreneur and mental health educator with a knack for transforming lives, and a wellness professional of 22 years who has a passion for designing award-winning workplace wellbeing programs?

Good Life Wellness Solutions TeamYou get us: Skip Hudson and Rebecca Weitzel, a duo committed to improving lives one small organization at a time…and having a lot of fun in the process! We first met when Rebecca hired Skip to incorporate stress-management and mindfulness into the wellness program that she was managing for a local non-profit in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We share a passion for helping people tap into their physical and mental potential and witnessing the transformative power of community and connection. It became clear we could do great things together while guiding people and organizations to wellbeing. The workplace provides an excellent opportunity to foster wellbeing but 99% of the businesses in the U.S. are small (less than 500 employees) and they can’t afford expensive wellness programs. We created Good Life Wellness Solutions as a way to bring wellbeing to the masses by offering affordable wellbeing solutions to small organizations.

Why Good Life Wellness Solutions? Because we believe that’s what we’re all striving for – a good life. And when we’re living good lives, we have more physical and emotional energy to devote to our families, workplaces, and communities. When we’re living good lives, we get closer to reaching our potential as human beings. When we’re living good lives, we thrive.

And we believe that’s what makes us different: our devotion to people. Our company is built on the idea that it’s not an app or a website that changes lives, it’s access to real-world connections that makes a difference. Rather than pushing people to engage multiple times per day with our technology, we encourage them to engage with each other. Rather than enticing people to spend more time clicking and scrolling through screens to boost product usage, we hope they’ll spend more time chopping and mixing in their kitchens to boost their nutrition. And instead of forcing people to adapt their lives to our programs, we seek to adapt our programs to their lives.

So please join us as a partner. Join in our mission to promote the good life in your workplace and in your community. Together, there’s simply no telling just how much good we can do for people and for your business.

Rebecca A. Weitzel

Rebecca A. Weitzel is a health and wellness professional with 22 years of experience, committed to helping people discover their healthiest potential. She spent nearly a decade focusing on employee wellbeing, having designed and managed an award-winning wellness program for Hilltop Community Resources’ in Grand Junction, Colorado. She is now Co-Owner and President of Good Life Wellness Solutions, an organization committed to improving individual lives and communities by delivering effective and affordable workplace wellbeing programs to small businesses. She loves spending time with her husband, hiking the beautiful Colorado mountains, baking cookies regularly, and attempting to keep up with her two amazing adult sons.

Skip Hudson

Skip Hudson is an entrepreneur with over 33 years of practical experience as a small business owner (6 companies) or department director for large public and private organizations (7). He also served as President of a health-related non-profit company. He is a proven project and program manager.

He brings mental health and life skills education in organizational settings. Skip is formally trained in mindfulness and emotional resiliency techniques & practices, with over 17 years of teaching and mentoring experience in groups. Skip is Co-Owner and Vice President of Good Life Wellness Solutions LLC, a provider of innovative workplace wellness programs designed for small businesses.

His formal education and training includes specific mental health training from the University of California San Diego. This includes teacher training for two courses: Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) for adults, and Making Friends with Yourself (MFY) for teens. Skip is also an advisor and co-teacher with the developers of the MFY Course. Skip has completed various courses on Intentional Leadership, and incorporates these approaches into the Good Life services. Skip lives in Denver, teaches youth as a volunteer, loves live music, and being outdoors in all seasons.

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